Tips on How to Save Money on Catering

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Tips on How to Save Money on Catering

One of the higher costs for a wedding, which is sometimes part of the cost of the venue, is the cost of food and beverages. Saving money on catering can make a huge difference in the cost of your wedding, but it can also affect the perception of your wedding by guests and by you if you’re not happy with the food. Look at these tips on how to save money on catering to get some great ideas of what you can do.

* Start with a Realistic Budget – The most important part of deciding how to save money on catering is to get an accurate guest count so that you don’t order too much food for the number of guests coming. Plus, when you talk to any caterers about the food, you can provide your budget and how many people you want to serve, which can often help them choose a menu that will work.

* Local Restaurant Catering – Don’t forget about trying local mom and pop restaurants when it comes to catering for your wedding. Many of these types of restaurants don’t even state that they cater openly but if you ask, they probably will. If there is a place that serves your favorite food, just ask.

* Keep It Simple – When you design the menu, including your cake, keep everything easy and simple. Less is more. A taste of the best-made cake is much better than a huge slice of dry, poorly-made cake.

* Plan around a Particular Meal – Planning your catering menu around a meal will also help. For example, breakfast is inexpensive. If you’re having a morning wedding, brunch is a great way to save money on the catered meal.

* Limit Free Alcohol – If you reduce cocktail hour or eliminate it from your wedding, you’ll save a lot of money. If your venue allows it, you can ask people to BYOB their favorite wine or sparkly beverage to share with their table.

* Send Hors d'Oeuvres Out Slowly – When you put the hors-d'oeuvres out on a table, they’re going to go fast. Instead, if you have volunteers or paid staff to walk around and offer them on trays, they’ll last much longer, and it will also feel special.

* Plated Meals – In some cases, a plated meal will save money over a food bar, especially if you’re shooting for elegant. A protein, a salad, and bread along with water, tea or juice to drink will cost a lot less than trying to fill up a bar, plus no seconds.

* Food Bar Ideas – A food bar can be less expensive if you’re not trying to provide roast and fancy food. Consider a potato bar, a taco bar, or another theme bar that has inexpensive food. If you pick something inexpensive like potatoes or pasta, it’ll help.

* Save Money on Your Cake – You can save money on your cake by choosing a simple design. With the average cake being almost P20,000 today, there is a lot of room to save, but there is danger in getting carried away. Using a smaller cake for cutting, and then handing out pieces of sheet cake or cupcakes can help. Ensuring the slices are cut the right serving sizes will help save money too. Don’t forget to try your local bakery or big-box store, as the prices are often less expensive than exclusive wedding cake designers.

Saving money on catering is simple if you start with a budget, know how many guests you need to feed, and consider the time of day and how you want people to feel. For example, if you want people to dance, serving a heavy meal might not work out as well as a light one.